Become a Bone Idol

Become a Bone Idol


Following on from “Fancy Sharing A Pint?” where you are still donating and we are now at nearly 8,000 pints!

The next challenge is to get 140 of you to register on the Anthony Nolan website where in exchange for spitting in a tube, you cure blood cancer! What would you say to the person who saved your life?

On 29th June I am racing the 140 mile long Austria Ironman with 2.4 miles of swimming, 112 miles of cycling and then running the 26.2 mile marathon to finish off.  Each mile swam, peddled and shuffled will be completed with a smile knowing that you have become a bone idol and saved another life.

Visit now and be a bone idol, thanks for your support.

Guy Wolstencroft.