Hints and Tips for Better Communication


  • Be sure that friends or colleagues have your full attention before you begin to speak.
  • Face the person with whom you’re talking. Don’t try to converse from a different room or with your back turned.
  • Stand in well-lit areas to make reading lips and facial expressions easier.
  • Avoid activities that make lip-reading difficult like chewing, smoking, reading a newspaper or leaning your cheek on your hand while talking.
  • Try not to talk too quickly.
  • Speak naturally, but try to pronounce your words more clearly. This will naturally slow your speech, so be careful not to overdo it.
  • If others are having trouble understanding you, try rephrasing your sentence rather than just repeating yourself.
  • Some words are easier than others to hear or lip-read.
  • Try to eliminate background noise when holding a  conversation. Turn off the television and close any windows to reduce outside interference.
  • Move closer to your listener so your voice is louder than the background noise. Your face and lips will also be easier toread.
  • Find somewhere quieter to talk. You’ll simplify the situation and protect your own hearing in the process